My Dogs



My family loves dogs.  Over the course of my life, we have had many, many dogs.  We have had Bogie (a beagle), Whitey (a terrier and poodle mix), Chico (a something mixed breed), Homer (a German shepherd mix), CiCi (a giant schnauzer), Pebbles (a terrier and poodle mix), and now we have Benny (a golden retriever) and Betsy (a yellow labrador).  That’s a lot of dogs.  Each dog has had its own personality and I have loved each and every one of them.


Benny is a very calm and bossy dog.  Betsy is a little more wild and jumpy.  When we go to the park, Benny follows my mother around and Betsy is always with my father.  If my mother throws a ball, only Benny will go and chase it.  If my father throws a ball, only Betsy will go chase it.  They’re funny dogs.

I live in Japan now and so I can’t see Benny and Betsy all that often.  But, every time I go home, they seem to remember me and it’s really fun to play with them.





Written by Daniel DeGrasse
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