The Reason


Growing up people dream about becoming many things; some little girls want to be princesses, models, and singers while some little boys want to be super heroes, firefighters, or baseball players. Personally, I wanted to be an artist like my mother was; then a dancer, a doctor, a fashion designer, a business marketer in fashion, and lastly a teacher. As a child I went to school Monday- Saturday, which is rather rare for American schools. According to my mother, if school was closed I would cry. I always had a love for learning new things. There was just this excitement about being able to come home and spill onto my parents everything I learned.

Over the years as my curiosity grew so did the opportunities for me to pick classes about that I actually found interesting. The four years I spent in college will always be something I fondly look back on. Putting my social life aside and the amazing rugby team I was a part of, one of the other things that made college so great were my English class discussions. Whether it was a 50 minute class or even a 3 hour class I loved when professors would give us the opportunity to debate and discuss. It was a time where everyone got to speak their opinions, thoughts, views, knowledge on the subject or simply ask questions about the unknown. You gave, you took, you argued and you learned. I enjoyed the way a fire suddenly lit inside of everyone and myself depending on the topic. I had watched so many of my teachers push my peers and myself forward forcing us to think and dig deeper. So, I dug. As I sat in classroom after classroom, discussion after discussion I realized that I wanted people younger than me to have the same experience. I wanted them to find their love of the English language and English literature. I wanted to help be the reason why sparks began to fly and fires grew.

After graduating college and returning home, as much as I wanted a vacation I knew I had important decisions to make. I regretted not studying abroad in Japan and I wasn’t going to make the same mistake. I decided to combine my career goal and my dream place into one. This is why I chose to come to Japan as a teacher. A decision I have yet to regret. Although I’ve only been in Japan for a few months, I love my job and feel that this was one of the best choices I could have made for myself. My students at all three schools are kind and welcoming. I find myself giving and receive so many smiles, hugs, praises and high fives. It makes me extremely proud when students show an interest in English, enjoy themselves in class, or overall try. To me it’s not about just giving the right answer, it’s about putting your best foot forward. After all I’m not looking for perfection. I’m just looking for a spark.




Written by Charissa Dobson
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