The Start of A New Life


When I stepped off the plane on March 18th having successfully landed in Japan, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect of my new life. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Besides moving away for college, the only moving I had really done were to other parts of New York. With such a big move I couldn’t help but feel nervous, happy and excited all at the same time. This was a different kind of distance from when I went away for college. I was no longer 6 hours away from my family by car or 1 hour away by plane. This was a 13 hours , I was now over 6000 miles away.  I thought to myself “What do I do now if I’m having a hard time?” “What happens if I don’t like it here?” I quickly changed my way of thinking. This was a dream of mine, one that was finally coming true. I wanted to focus on the positives and the experiences to come. I went into my new life with an open mind and an open heart. I’m really glad that I did.

These past few months in Japan have been nothing but great. I’ve met some wonderful people that have made living in Japan a lot easier. I spend my days happy and feeling as if I belong to a community rather than feeling like an outsider. Every day i’m greeted with smiles and positive attitudes. Although there is of course a language barrier at times, everyone still tries their best to communicate with me. It’s like a fun, never ending game of charades.

There are so many positives about my big move to Japan. I love all three of the schools that I teach at, the scenery is beautiful, I like my tiny apartment, the tiny cute cars and of course the food is delicious! I’m really happy that I now have access to Takoyaki at all times. I’ve had the wonderful experience of seeing the cherry blossoms and taking part in two sports festivals.  I really hope that as these next few months go by this list only grows and grows. In fact, I’m really positive it will.



Written by Charissa Dobson
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