Mission Impossible



165586On May 20, all of the elementary schools in Kanegasaki had Sports Day.  All of the students worked very hard to get ready for this event.  Each school does their own unique events and each school has their own unique traditions.

This year, I went to the Sports Day at Mikajiri Elementary School.  It was very fun.  It was also very hot.  The White Team was the champion but all of the students did their best and ran hard until the end.  We did a few special English themed events and so I will tell you about them here.


The 5th and 6th grade students did an event called “Mission Impossible.”  The 5th grade teacher and I dressed in black and wore sunglasses.  We told the students what to go find in English.  I then said it one more time in English.  After a 5 seconds, the 5th grade teacher said it in Japanese.  For example, we would say “Find someone wearing sunglasses.” or “Find a junior high school student.”  The students would look for someone who had sunglasses or was a junior high school student, hold their hands, and run to finish line.  It was an English version of a karibito race (borrow people race).  If you can listen and understand the English, you can start to run earlier and you can get to the goal line faster.


The other English thing we did was the broadcast of the relay races.  While the students were running, I would cheer them on in English and do commentary on the race in English.  “Run, red team!” “The blue team is first.” “Yellow team is running fast.” “You can do it, white team.”  It was a lot of fun.


I am already looking forward to next year’s sports day.




Written by Daniel DeGrasse
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