Sakura Viewing


18217008_811592575666349_2020026509_nTuesday (April 25th) I went to a sakura-viewing event by my house.

I am from America, but contrary to popular belief I have seen cherry trees in bloom before. In 1912, to celebrate the growing friendship between Japan and America, the mayor of Tokyo gave Washington DC cherry trees. Since, they have spread across America and can even be found at my local Zoo back home.

While I’ve been to cherry blossom festivals back in Minnesota, I’ve never been to a cherry blossom festival in Japan and I wanted to see how the Japanese celebrate their wonderful cherry trees.



There was a very nice path through the trees. A path nice enough that Google Maps mistook it for a road and I almost drove down it. It was a lot of fun to run down in between the cherry trees at night.



18197558_811592502333023_1102859965_nThe trees were pleasant to walk through, but the food stalls were stealing everyone’s attention. They were set a bit apart from the trees, which I think was done to prevent petals from raining in everyone’s food, but it was a shame for the food vendors who were kept apart from the beautiful trees.

One of the stalls was selling deep fried bacon, which is a pretty American food. I guess our festivals aren’t so different after all.


I got off of work at 5, but somehow ended up being there for about 4 hours and got home just in time to get to bed.

I’m glad I went and look forward to next year.




Written by Colin Thies
Read more articles by Colin here.


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