My Year in Review

日本語 When I came to Japan, I was very excited and eager to become a teacher, but I was also nervous about many things. For example, I've never lived alone before. I've always shared a place with at least a roommate. And now I'm on my own... in a foreign country. Overall I feel like... Continue Reading →


3 Years to Have and to Hold

日本語 It’s hard for me to believe that my time here in Kanegasaki has come to an end. I want to thank everyone for the immense kindness you have shown me during my three years here. My first encounter with Kanegasaki was actually three and a half years ago when I volunteered at the first... Continue Reading →

My First Year

日本語 When I first got the job of being a teacher, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. This job wasn’t going to be the only thing new to me. I was packing up my life and moving to a foreign country. One that I had never been to before. When the school year started,... Continue Reading →

Public Art

日本語 Public art is art that is installed and displayed in public spaces, paid for by the government or donated. Public art is everything from statues and sculptures, to murals, to fountains that double as hydraulophones. The public art movement began in Sweden and the United States, spread to France, and is now strong in... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

日本語 Happy New Year, everyone! It has been so long since our last post. Sorry for keeping you all waiting. During our hiatus, a lot has been happening at the schools. Here's a glimpse of some of the events that were held with the kids since our last update in August. In September, the kindergartens... Continue Reading →

Transportation in Japan

日本語 I had to start driving just a few days after I came to Japan. I was really expecting driving to be very different and scary, but I was surprised by how many things are the same. However, some of the differences are pretty cool. And some of the biggest differences between driving in America... Continue Reading →

My Dogs

日本語 My family loves dogs.  Over the course of my life, we have had many, many dogs.  We have had Bogie (a beagle), Whitey (a terrier and poodle mix), Chico (a something mixed breed), Homer (a German shepherd mix), CiCi (a giant schnauzer), Pebbles (a terrier and poodle mix), and now we have Benny (a... Continue Reading →

The Reason

日本語 Growing up people dream about becoming many things; some little girls want to be princesses, models, and singers while some little boys want to be super heroes, firefighters, or baseball players. Personally, I wanted to be an artist like my mother was; then a dancer, a doctor, a fashion designer, a business marketer in... Continue Reading →

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